Who We Are

Nobody special, just some regular folks from small town Texas who decided, “enough is enough!” We think our country has lost its direction, strayed off the path from what our founders imagined, and it is time to correct our course. We knew something needed to change, but how could we as ordinary citizens do anything to stop the deterioration?

Well, this is our attempt, our hope and our prayer. A call to rally like-minded American citizens, to stand, to focus a portion of their time monitoring those who are in power. Governmental bodies—local, state and national—need to be watched, but don’t stop there. Collaboration between government and big business has become seamless. Pay particular attention to big tech, pharma and financial institutions. When government and big business join forces, it rarely favors the little guy, the guy we hope to help the most.

So, there you have it, just regular folks, trying to make a difference so that the next generation has the same opportunities as the past. We need your help and would be honored if you joined us.