Spread the Word!

Your help is needed to spread the word about our group. Below you will find simple, low-cost items that can help start conversations.

Americans Who Stand - Dissident - Business card

Business Cards

Carry few with you at all times. Introduce yourself and offer a card to friend and stranger alike. Eating out? Leave one with a generous tip or hand on to the person taking you order at a drive thru window. Many small-town businesses have business card bulletin boards, add one of these. Hand one to the guy changing your oil. Use your imagination, the opportunities are endless. Made in the USA.

Sold in sets of 100.
$12 per set
Americans Who Stand - Dissident - Adjustable cap


High quality Ahead brand lightweight adjustable cap. Wear it with pride as you spread the word. A great conversation starter. Not made in China. Embroidered in USA.

$20 each
Americans Who Stand - Dissident - Window decal

Window Decals

Display on all your vehicles as well as entry door at your place of work. Offer to friends and family. A great way to promote our group and spread our message. Made in the USA.

Sold in sets of 12.
$12 per set